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About Me



Nth Degree Academic Services is owned and run by Phil Hodgson.


Between 2007 and 2013 I worked on both my doctoral research in arts and social sciences (primarily the areas of film and migration) and a variety of research projects in health and life sciences.  I particularly enjoyed the challenge and diversity of working in such fields as they allowed me to learn new skills and engage with new ideas on a regular basis.  In the same period, I also began working on audio transcriptions, proofreading and database management in my spare time.  Even though I was aware of how weird this made me seem - it being the work that my colleagues seemed to consider most thankless - I embraced it.  It suited my eye for detail, adaptability, and exposed me to a whole world of projects and data which I would have missed out on otherwise.


With my PhD behind me, I developed Nth Degree Academic Services to further develop this work.  After 6 years of endless time pressures, looming deadlines and mountains of data (as both a professional researcher and a student), I fully understood how useful my skills and experiences would be to others.  And I couldn’t spend 100% of my time working through the heap of unwatched DVDs I’d somehow managed to amass.


Professional peculiarities aside, however, I can lay claim to being a (relatively) well-adjusted person with interests in film, music, creative writing and sport.  The highlights of my whirlwind of a merry-go-round of an existence include making embarrassed eye contact with the actor Tim Robbins, dancing very badly (and very publically) to Just My Imagination by The Temptations as part of a conference presentation and being the world’s least effective and shortest-lived superhero / vigilante.



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