Nth Degree Academic Services offers accurate, fast and high-quality professional academic support for students, academics and other professionals. Our services include:

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student support in newcastleNth Degree have extensive experience of both working and studying within UK academic organisations.

We aim to help provide additional support for students, academics and professionals to allow them the freedom to complete their projects within their identified timescales.


Based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK, our staff have experience of study at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as research project management, work and support (primarily in the fields of health and social care, arts and humanities).  We offer a reliable service and are available to help you meet tight deadlines.


Our audio transcription services include professional support from a staff member with almost ten years experience of the role.  Our proofreading support can assist in finalising a range of documents - from student essays, dissertations and theses, to academic papers and research reports.  We also offer both a specialist service for students without English as their first language, and a creative writing service for novels, short stories and other publishable work.  Our data service includes detailed and accurate data entry, database creation and management, and data analysis.


Other professional research support services are also available.


For further details on charges, timescales and availability, please access our Twitter feed or the dedicated page for each service.  To make a no-obligation enquiry, please visit our contact us / submit work tab.


All work by Nth Degree Academic Services is covered by our confidentiality agreement, a signed copy of which is available on request.  Our staff are also happy to sign additional confidentiality agreements on request.



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