Nth Degree Academic Services offers accurate, fast and high-quality professional academic support for students, academics and other professionals. Our services include:

Audio Transcription


audio transcriptionNth Degree offers professional support from an audio transcriber with extensive experience (primarily in the field of health and social care, but also elsewhere).  The service includes:


• Highly accurate, detailed final documents

• 30-90 minutes completed each 24-hour period

• Support for a variety of file formats (including cassette,

   DVD, .dss, .wma, .wav, .mp3 and many others)

• Missing data time-stamped as standard (except on low-standard


• One standard rate for one-to-one interviews and focus groups

• Flexible levels of detail (ranging from text alone to non-verbal


• Flexible formatting of documents to meet your needs and

   preferences [Should include a range of exemplars]

• The ability to work with low-standard audio


All transcriptions are charged at £6.50 per 1,000 words, meaning you only pay for the data you receive.


To submit a file, please visit our contact us / submit work tab to receive your no-obligation quote and an estimate of when the work will be complete.



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